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At Rincon Wealth Management,

we work at the forefront of financial planning. In addition to financial guidance toward future goals, we also work with you right now to embrace vibrant lifestyle opportunities. We help people create their best stories.

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Meet The Founder

Scott Malone is a second-generation financial advisor who learned a lot at the dinner table growing up. He also watched his dad help a lot of people as an advisor and decided he would do the same in his career. Today, Scott offers both traditional and modern financial services to his clients. He also works closely with tech professionals to help them achieve unique lifestyles while still preparing for their future. His goal is to help give clients a long-term plan that can truly be “work optional.”

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Seeking a better work-life balance? A work-optional lifestyle? Early retirement?

These things are possible.

Our custom process and services can assist you with accumulation AND distribution goals so that you can create your own timeline, your own workload, your own life experiences.

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Get started in
Three Easy Steps

Our financial process connects the different areas of your financial life to create a strong, steady strategy to help you live the life you love.

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1. Your vision

Financial flexibility can create many opportunities. Together we can talk about all of your ambitions large and small, and how we can work to achieve them.

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2. Your timeline

Whether you seek early retirement or traditional retirement, we work on your entire timeline. Your money is important to your goals now AND later.

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3. Your story

As you live your story, we’re your advocate, always here to address any financial questions and concerns.


What could an objective opinion do for you?

We aim to serve you with dedication, transparency and personal care, but that’s only the beginning of the value of a true, objective opinion. This 8-page instant download explains why objective financial advice is important, including:

  • Why we focus on timing during your retirement planning
  • How we help project if your retirement income will last long enough
  • Why working with an independent financial advisor can help give you greater financial confidence

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